Share external link click statistics. Faster.

currently in free beta - no strings attached
Learn how often external links on your website have been clicked by visitors.
Deliver statistics about these clicks to your partners by sharing one link.
All it takes to collect that data is copying some lines of JavaScript.
This project is in beta: no fees, no payment details, no contract!
What does it do for you?
  • It lets you keep track of outgoing link clicks
  • It helps you share statistics efficiently
  • It lowers your time to market
Who is this for?
  • People with limited learning time
  • People with small to medium sized projects
  • People administrating mostly static sites
What does it NOT do?
  • It does NOT replace all-in-one statistics solutions
  • It does NOT track internal link clicks
  • It does NOT shorten or hide outbound links
Who is this probably NOT for?
  • People already using Google Analytics or Wordpress (See FAQ)
  • People without access to a sites HTML code
  • People using URL shorteners (See FAQ)
Use Case Scenario

Max is the organizer of an annual coffee festival. All exhibitors are featured, described and linked on said website. The leads generated from these external links potentially yield high customer lifetime value.

Max quickly integrates outlink counter into the existing website. After the festival, Max wants to share the results with some of the exhibitors. To do this, one share link is generated per observed external link and sent to the exhibitor. Without the need for a login, the exhibitors can access the shared statistics and review their gained exposure.

The effort to provide these statistics for the customers is limited to copying some lines of JavaScript and sending 1 link per customer. Providing this added value to customers took Max less than 15 minutes.

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