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This section is mainly composed of questions asked a lot through the feedback form.
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Q: How much does it cost?
A: As of now, Outlink Counter is in beta and the only plan is a free tier. Keeping a generous free quota is one of the highest aims of this project, even if paid plans were to be implemented some time in the future. New sign-ups might be temporarily disabled as the load reaches server capacity limits.
Q: What are the limitations?
A: Currently each account may save up to 1000 different links and 10000 clicks over a period of 28 days. This amounts to around 350 link clicks per day. Data older than 28 days is deleted and frees up quota. It is intended to raise these limits as server capacity increases.
Q: What are outlinks?
A: Lnks to pages on different domains are considered outlinks or external links. Links within the same domain are not counted. Only html links (a tags) are considered, JavaScript location changes are not tracked.
Q: Which data is stored?
A: No information aside from link target and (temporarily) a hash of the IP address is stored. The hashed IP address is used to determine that each link click is only counted once per day per IP (rate limiting).
Q: What happens after 28 days?
A: Outlink statistics data is deleted from the database and cannot be recovered afterwards. Make sure to share / save this data before that. This timespan may be extended as the service is developed and improved.
Q: How are unique clicks counted?
A: Each IP address can only contribute to an outbound link count once per day. This means that the numbers are guaranteed to be unique IPs per day. This may lead to lower numbers than were actually tracked.
Q: How does adblock affect this service?
A: All links continue to work normally if the outlinkcounter JavaScript is blocked. Link clicks will in this case not be recorded.
Q: Is there a link length limit?
A: Visual representation of links will be capped at 1024 characters. Longer URLs can be distinguished internally.
Q: Can I just use Google Analytics / Matomo instead?
A: Yes, both of them are capable of counting external link clicks. Outlink Counter excels in ease of integration and ease of sharing. In case you do not wish to share statistics or already have one of the mentioned services in place, you are probably better of relying on them.
Q: How does it play with URL shorteners?
A: URL shorteners typically require shortening and replacement of links on the site in order to count them. The upside of this is that adblock cannot affect the counting. Downsides are that links often have to be shortened manually and that outlinks will stop working if the service is down.
Q: How does it play with Wordpress?
A: The Wordpress ecosystem features a bunch of plugins to achieve the tracking / counting part of Outlink Counter. This method is preferrable as it uses internal mechanics and data never leaves the server. If you do not plan to use the easy sharing feature of Outlink Counter you should stick to those plugin. They can for example be found via Google searches for "wordpress outbound link tracking".
Q: What about paid plans?
A: After a successful beta phase paid plans will be implemented. This will not change features of the free version (limits may even increase due to better infrastructure). Paid plans will come with new features like external link autodiscovery (via crawler), automated white-labelled email reports and translations.
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